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Mary Ann Life Presets For Lightroom Mobile and Desktop

Get ya some!

Branding with a wow factor!

No need to pay thousands of daughters for a designer to create your brand. Get  helpful and stylish layouts that put your market on a pedestal to be admired!

Let's style up!

I have been struggling with SEO, even after so many failed google searches. What I was doing was giving me the results. But Mary Ann's Pinterest SEO saved me! Easy to follow, adapt, and apply. I wasn't just learning--I was mastering a skill!


Media kits tend to be very cookie cutter types. Mary Ann's has adaptable unique styles that made my brand shine through! 


As a relatively new blogger, I didn't know where or how to start. Mary Ann saved me thousands of dollars, and most of all, precious time from making mistakes. I've learned a surmountable amount in her Blogger's Creator Kit. HUGE THANK YOU! 


Create, share, connect & inspire!

Business Minded Pursuits

Witnessing people succeed while doing what they love makes my heart happy. With only having one life to live, I firmly believe in making it the best. Chasing towards pursuits that bring happiness, especially business minded ones, I want to do everything I can to help you succeed with these guides!

Gift Cards

It's the gift that keeps giving! Treat your loved ones to Shop at Mary Ann Life!

Get ya some!